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Bring your business to the next level by using holistic and highly customized online marketing and business growth solutions, crafted by experienced marketing and growth experts!

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Our solutions for Your Project

This is how we can help You

With us you are not getting "one-size-fits-all Solutions" 

We create highly individual Strategies to gurantee the best possible outcome for your project!

We are not your classic agency. We are a small team of highly experienced online marketing experts who are specialists in building and scaling businesses through modern online marketing and smart business automation strategies.

Let's be honest. You don't just want a "nice looking website," a "cool logo," or a very fancy "brand awareness campaign."

If you are honest, you just want one single thing: Build a strong and successful business, reach as many customers as possible, and create strong and sustainable revenue streams for your company, your employees, your family, and yourself.

And the truth is: A cool website or fancy "creative marketing" will not lead to that outcome.

This is just what many so-called agencies are selling to you because they know it sounds cool and is therefore easy to sell. But in 90% of the cases, this will not catapult you to the next level.

What you need is a holistic and highly effective marketing & selling system.

A system that brings you a constant flow of new, targeted, and highly qualified leads and customers for your product or service.

You need standardized, efficient, and automated processes that are doing the heavy lifting for you, starting at generating fresh leads, warming them up, selling, and maintaining a good relationship with them.

And you need to make sure that every dollar you spend is invested as efficiently as possible! Advertising is not cheap, and there is nothing worse than burning your valuable money on inefficient and poorly working marketing.

And this is exactly what we will do for you. If you just want a new website or someone who is managing your social media account, we are NOT the guys for you.

But if you want a team of highly experienced marketing professionals, who carefully analyze every aspect of your business and craft a highly specialized and holistic marketing & selling system, where no aspect is left out, and everything is made to work flawlessly and smoothly together, so that your business is ready to reach the next level, you are at the right address!

If this sounds interesting to you, click the button below to book a free, 60-minute consultation session, where we look together into your business and decide if we are able to help you and whether a collaboration makes sense or not.

What we can do for you

Business Development & Growth Strategies

You want to bring your business or project to the next level and need innovative and holistic stratgies to to so quickly and effiecient? 

We will analyze your goal and develop a holistic and all-encompassing business development strategy to achieve your goal as simply, efficiently, and quickly as possible.

Paid advertising

organic growth

brand building

awarness building



Du benötigst für deine Firma eine mobiloptimierte und überzeugende Webseite? Wir machen das problemlos...

  • Mobiloptimiertes Design
  • SEO optimierter Content
  • Mehr Kundenanfragen

How does a partnership work?

Get to know our expertise personally in a virtual consultation.

Request an appointment

You request a free initial consultation through our website and answer a few questions for us.

Virtual consultation call

During a private,  60 minute online call we will get to know each other and see if and how we can help you.

Individual Startegie Offer

After we have determined that we can help you solve your problem, we will develop a individualized strategy for collaboration.

Long-term collaboration

Following the initial consultation and our offer, there is the option for us to support you in the long-term implementation of your solution.

Our Team of Experts

Cyril Dan Obeng

Jonas ist ein engagierter und zuverlässiger Mitarbeiter. Mit seinem Fachwissen und seiner sorgfältigen Arbeitsweise ist er eine große Bereicherung für das Team.

Daniel Hegner

Marcel ist ein engagierter und zuverlässiger Mitarbeiter. Mit seinem Fachwissen und seiner sorgfältigen Arbeitsweise ist er eine große Bereicherung für das Team.

Our Pool of Experts

We have a carefully curated network of highly skilled experts in any marketing related topic, to pic from, for every individual project. This way we keep our operations felxible and can qurantee the best possible result for our clients.

⚡  Want to work together?

Free Consulation Call

In this free 60 minute-Call, we look together into your business and decide if we are able to help you and whether a collaboration makes sense.

  • No sales call. Evaluation of possible cooperation only!

Consultation Call
60 minutes consultation

Do you have more questions?

  • We’re far from your typical agency. At our core, we reject the outdated agency model, which we believe fails to deliver the exceptional results our clients deserve.We are a small team of online marketing and growth experts, experienced not only through working on various projects in various industries for clients but also using our knowledge and skills to build our own business ventures, mainly in the online business industry. We provide holistic and fully thought-through marketing, sales, and business growth solutions, using not only our vast experiences in marketing across various businesses and industries but also by leveraging the newest and most modern strategies, tools, software, and artificial intelligence. Rather than a "soldier for hire," which unfortunately, most classic agencies are, we view ourselves more as a project based, or in the best case, a long-term growth partner who works closely together with you and helps you to reach your goals as efficiently and sustainably as possible.
  • We view ourselves as digital entrepreneurs of the next generation, prioritizing flexibility and goal-oriented, time-efficient work. Therefore, we consciously do not maintain traditional office spaces. All our business activities are conducted with high efficiency and exclusively online. Our meetings are held via Zoom, allowing both us and our clients to operate with great flexibility and optimal time efficiency. However, we are also available for in-person meetings, though these must be arranged in advance and are reserved for selected clients.
  • Since we don't provide standardized solutions, we cannot offer estimates. We create highly customized solutions for each project and customer. Therefore, prices can vary greatly, depending on the size and complexity of the project. As we only work with a small number of selected customers and only offer comprehensive "done-for-you" solutions, our pricing falls within the upper range. As a rough estimate, projects typically start at $10,000 and above.
  • Before we work together we have to carefully assets your project and goals to determet if we can help you and if a partnership even makes sense. 

    This normaly takes place in a zoom call, where we disguss everything. 

    If we think we can help you, we will make you an individual offer.

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