Please follow this next steps exactely to apply for this job:

Step 1:

Please make a short video introducing yourself and why you are the right person to work for us. Important: The video doesn't have to be professional - a regular selfie video, filmed with your smartphone, is ok. The video should also not be longer than 2 minutes.

Step 2:

Make this test


Step 3:

Write a short text for the following situation: 

You are working as a sales agent and your task is to sell a digital product via chat. 

You are in a chat with a potential customer right now, and you have to sell him the product - what would you write to him? 


  • You find the description for the product you sell here
  • The text shouldnt be longer than 300 words
  • Write the text in a google docs!

Step 4:

Create a new folder in google drive and name it with your full name (Example: Mike-Miller)

Please add the follwoing things to the folder:

  1. The Video from step 1 (make sure its in mp4 format) 
  2. The Text from step 3 (name the document: Sales Letter)
Share the folder (visibale for everyone with link) and copy the sharing link - you will need it later. 


Step 5:

If you finished step 1 to step 4, click this Button to procede and follow the instructions on the next site.

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