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by Cyril Dan


My mission is to guide you to become the best version of yourself and to be a force for good in this world! 

Everything is upside down! It's cool to be a loser, it's the norm to blame others, and to push any responsibility up on the next man, while society is applauding you for your behaviour! While society is telling you that it's okay to be fat, it's okay to be mediocre, it's okay to be a lesser version of yourself!


I called myself out! Even tho I was doing just fine in some parts of my life... other parts were falling apart...

I had vices, no clarity, and a lack of purpose - simply put, I was not the man I knew that I could be!

I wasn't aligned with my purpose! So I realigned, put in the work and tapped into a source of energy and clarity that I never had before!

Now my calling is to teach others to do the same! So that you become the person you and your family truly respect and love! Because guess what, contrary to the opinion of society, self-love and self-respect are earned!

 Stop procrastinating and start the process now!

  • I faced numerous failures in maintaining my program, experiencing frequent starts and stops.

    I participated in programs like “75 Hard” and the broader “Live Hard Program” among other so-called challenges. 

    Despite the high caliber of these programs, I struggled to sustain the momentum gained during them throughout my life. 

    For those unfamiliar with the 75 Hard program, it involves

    - two 45-minute workouts daily, one outdoors, -

    - adhering to a diet, 

    - reading 10 pages of a self-development book daily, 

    - taking a five-minute cold shower daily, 

    - drinking a gallon of water daily, 

    - and taking a daily progress photo. 

    Breaks are sometimes incorporated or optional between program phases. During these breaks, I often indulged excessively, telling myself I deserved it. 

    This led to weekends of partying and drinking, which I now view as a clear weakness. As the quote goes: Work hard, play hard! It was just insane…

    It was only after adopting the six principles, which I will share in this e-book, that I truly transformed my habits. 

    These principles fostered a resilient mindset, absolute clarity, and non-negotiable discipline. 

    They didn't just elevate my standards; they also made me a better father, partner, and businessman. 

    If you, too, feel that you're not performing at your optimal level and wish to maximize your life's potential, I encourage you to continue reading this ebook attentively.

by Cyril Dan

Become the best version of  yourself - physically and mentally!


If you truly want to regain control of your life and become the best version of yourself, so that you and your family love and respect the men you are, you need a blueprint!

Without a plan, there is no clarity and without clarity there is no lasting execution!

Your daily activities, starting from waking up, working out, the food you consume, the media you consume, the thoughts that you think, and of course the actions that you take, all must be structured and aligned with your desired outcome!

There is no space for guesswork!

LIFE IS TOO SHORT! Don't waste your limited time with guesswork, but rather hop on the team and let me give you the exact blueprint needed at the level you're currently at!

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